M4000: The Sarin Deception – Part 1

You may recall my report of the 18 August 2019 in which I addressed the claims made by Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat that he had, “established a Syrian M4000 Sarin bomb..was used in.. Khan Sheikhoun”. In that report, I showed how Eliot made that claim in the absence of supporting evidence. In this report, I will shift the focus to his claim an M4000 was also used at Lataminah on the 30 March 2017.

OPCW-FFM: Willing Dupes at Lataminah 25/03/17

It was claimed by the “White Helmets” in Syria that a chlorine cylinder was dropped from a helicopter, penetrated soil, concrete then rebar before hitting the ground and jumping across the room of an underground hospital in Lataminah before coming to rest partially on a sofa. What does the evidence tell us of that claim?